Natina Reed from Blaque was laid to rest yesterday, and everything was paid for by the father of son, Kurupt.

Former member of the group Blaque, Natina Reed was killed Saturday morning after being hit by a car on a busy Atlanta highway.  Understandably her friends, family and former group members are devastated by the loss which happened the day before Natina’s 33rd birthday.  Details were sketchy at first as to what may have caused the accident but […]

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With the recent passing of Blaque’s Natina Reed, it was on my heart to honor her. She was always my favorite, and it’s partly because she reminded me of Left Eye. I love her way too much to not acknowledge the blatant swagger-jacking, so…….The #WordEyeHeard Presents: Top 5 People Who Owe Left Eye a Check.


Remember Left Eye's group Blaque? Well sadly, the rapper in the group, Natina Reed, was killed when a car struck her. She was 32.

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UPDATE Natina’s management denies that she was arrested.   Read their statement below: Her lawyer is in the process of dealing with the person that has placed this false info in the media using photos that were altered using Photoshop. We do now know whom is responsible for this and we are now pursuing legal action! […]