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#YouGoGIRL means #GrindingInRealLife! This week, we sat down with nail guru Tinika Tolbert to discuss healthy nails, retaining clients, and starting her kids' spa.

Hear what you want. And you do NOT wanna hear your baby mama.

We gone ride for the Lord! Check out the most ghetto Gospel song you'll EVER see!

What happens when the President of the Homeless Society goes back to the hood to see how the other half lives?

Happy Holidays! Before you do any shopping, be sure to listen to what Karen CoupleDollas and the good people at No Action News have to say!

An insecure woman with nowhere to turn winds up on Madea’s doorstep. Will she finally find a man to take care of her so she won’t have to turn tricks?

Everybody has a hustle. See what happens when 3 friends try to: get on WSHH, become a YouTube sensation, and make a sex tape!

You may have heard of the Real Husbands of Hollywood? Well this is what happens when 4 strangers from 4 different hoods are picked to live in a house!

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We've all heard the rumors of the secret society that supposedly exists. The most powerful entertainers are said to be members of the Illuminati. This society looks out for its people; they remain successful, they stay out of trouble, and always bounce back from controversy. I don't care whether it exists or not, but I hear members have to have a "blood sacrifice." In other words, someone close to them must die before they can join. So I hope none of my friends put in their application. Anywho, if this society does exist, it's clear that the Illuminati looks out for its people, because these artists wouldn't have made it otherwise. Who am I talking about....?

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With the recent passing of Blaque’s Natina Reed, it was on my heart to honor her. She was always my favorite, and it’s partly because she reminded me of Left Eye. I love her way too much to not acknowledge the blatant swagger-jacking, so…….The #WordEyeHeard Presents: Top 5 People Who Owe Left Eye a Check.

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Ever since Drake made the phrase YOLO popular, people have been doing stupid things in the spirit of "only living once." Well this is definitely life imitating art, because some of our favorite television shows and movies have been living that "YOLO" life way before the Cash Money rapper made it popular to do so. So....The #WordEyeHeard Presents: Top 5 On-Screen YOLO Moments...

With technology has come a term I like to call “Thumb Thugging.” Everyone is a gangster on Facebook and Twitter, when you meet in person, things get real. Real quiet. And what happens when studio gangsters finally come face to face with their nemesis? Usually a bunch of nothing. So…. The Word Eye Heard Presents: Top 5 Fights That Never Happened