Special K always delivers a hilarious top 5 list, and this Thanksgiving edition does NOT disappoint!

Here’s Special K’s Top 5 Favorite Thanksgiving Dishes Prepared On The Cooking Channel By Precious, Loretta Devine & Lavell Crawford

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5) Chicken Nugget and French Fry-Flavored Milkshakes

4) Jumbo Cornish Hens Topped with Jelly Donuts and Rainbow Sprinkles

3) Mustard Greens Flavored with Sweet Potato Spuds, Now & Laters and Fruity Pebbles

2) Triple Stack Grilled Cheese Sandwiches with Fried Catfish Slices

1) Fried Butterball Turkey Glazed with Krispy Kreme Stuffed with a Honey Baked Ham, Bacon and Taco Meat Garnished with Warm Oatmeal Pies

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