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According to reports, Khalifa boarded a flight from New York back to his hometown.

A regional aircraft landed safely at Westchester County Airport Tuesday afternoon after it was diverted shortly after leaving LaGuardia Airport, according to a county official. The plane was redirected around 1 p.m., the official said. An emergency was never declared. The plane was carrying 50 passengers en route to Pittsburgh when a warning light turned on. The plane landed after burning off fuel as a precaution. (Pleasantville Patch)

Although the plane got re-routed, Wiz still managed to get to an event Tuesday evening.

Despite the setback and delays, the music star was in the air early Tuesday evening and on his way to a scheduled concert in West Virginia. The rapper and members of his entourage were among the 50 passengers on a U.S. Express Airways flight to Pittsburgh. Shortly after the plane departed from LaGuardia Airport in Queens, a warning indication light came on, and as a precaution, the pilots decided to land the plane at the Westchester airport. They told passengers that the plane would circle around Westchester County Airport several times to burn fuel before landing, “which was a little scary because we didn’t quite know what that meant,” said Anthony Tamborino, a member of Khalifa’s “Taylor Gang” entourage who goes by the stage name Berner. (Newsday)

The rap star kept his fans updated on the plane issues with hourly tweets.

“That plane juss did not wanna fly,” he tweeted November 27th.

“Man fucc. We are stucc!!!”

“Still in the muh fuggin airport :-(“


“Oh awesome and this b*tch got wifi!!!” (Wiz Khalifa’s Twitter)