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[Courtesy of] The boss has spoken!

They say real Gs move in silence and Rick Ross has been pretty silent in regards to the cancellation of his “MMG” Tour – until now.

Rumors began swirling that Rick Ross canceled the second leg of his tour due to threats against his life, but the Maybach General is disputing those claims.

During his interview with Miami’s 99 Jamz, Rick Ross quickly shot down rumors that he canceled his tour due to gang threats by the Chicago-founded street gang Gangster Disciples:

“Let me explain something to you. I am a certified man. I am a real boss. This is something everybody need to understand, gangstas move in silence….I was just in Chicago a week a half ago. That’s the birthplace of the GD’s. If I go to Chicago to handle my business like I did, I have no problem going to North Carolina or South Carolina, where the ladies are brown skinned with brown eyes, and they got nice curls and they make the best apple pie. So don’t ever get it twisted. Ricky Rozay is a boss. I’m certified worldwide, I could put a thousand gangstas in any hood…Rich is gangsta. Loyal is gangsta. Family is gangsta. If that’s not gangsta I don’t want to be a gangsta. I’ma boss…I’ll go anywhere so don’t get it twisted. When you pull up the footage of me walking out in Chicago on the stage with the chinchilla dragging on the floor. You let me know if that’s the swagger of someone who’s in fear of their life.”

Well, damn. There you have it.

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