An up-and-coming artist, Coldheart gained notoriety after a video of his fight with fellow rapper DaBaby went viral. An official cause of death has not been released.

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“Bought me Alexander McQueen, he was keeping me stylish.” He sure was, Nicki! Last night, plenty of notables were in the building for yet another CIAA…

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Here’s a little positivity. A single mother of four is still reeling from being the winner of what officials are calling the largest Powerball win…


A man with a huge foot fetish from North Carolina was caught impersonating a podiatry student at his local Wal-Mart just so he could stick a woman's foot in his mouth.

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[Courtesy of] The boss has spoken! They say real Gs move in silence and Rick Ross has been pretty silent in regards to the cancellation of his “MMG” Tour – until now. Rumors began swirling that Rick Ross canceled the second leg of his tour due to threats against his life, but the Maybach […]

According to the “Boss,” issues related to communication and organizaiton fueled his decision. Now, it looks like the threats may not have played a part, after all: Ross has canceled the remainder of his MMG tour, with his reps citing “apparent lack of organization and communication on the part of the tour promoter. I want to apologize […]

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The Gangsta Disciples are hot on Rick Ross’ blubber. He just cancelled his show in North Carolina this week and when we saw how many factions on YouTube of the Gangsta Disciples are after him… we don’t blame him. Take a look at over 5-states of GD’s trying to “get at Rick Ross.” [] In […]

Kendrick Lamar recently chopped it up to promote his upcoming album good kid, m.A.A.d city, releasing October 22nd. During the interview, K. Dot spoke on his supposed album with J. Cole, stating that they hit the studio recently and will focus on the project the moment they have gaps in their schedules. “We was in the studio […]


It’s been a few of weeks since a zombie-esque incident has been reported, but there’s a man in North Carolina who was just itching to be recognized for his idiosyncrasies. Travis Glaspie was apprehended by the Wilmington Police Department on outstanding warrants, when a police dog, Maxx, ran after him. After catching up to Glaspie, […]


A heartbreaking 911 call recorded two young boys pleading with their mother not to die after a ‘crazy neighbor’ shot both of their parents in front of them, according to authorities. While their father, Tommy Brown, lay dead on their small basketball court in rural Hoke County, North Carolina, Thalia Mook was losing consciousness. ‘Mom, […]


A “defiant” North Carolina woman was recently tasered in front of her 3-year-old daughter for refusing to leave a McDonald’s drive-thru line. Evangeline Lucca, 37, reportedly cut the line and was refused service by McDonald’s employees who told her she had to wait in line like everyone else. Police arrived on the scene after the […]