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foot fetish

A man with a huge foot fetish from North Carolina was caught impersonating a podiatry student at his local Wal-Mart just so he could stick a woman’s foot in his mouth.

Erika Porras, 40, was shopping Monday when police say Brown allegedly approached her and asked if he could help her try on shoes.

Police say 31-year-old Michael Brown approached 40-year-old Erika Porras.  After tricking Porras to follow him to the shoe department, he proceeded to get into some unsolicited toe-sucking in front of her daughter.

Porras proceeded to call her husband and the cops.

Allegedly this is not Brown’s first time being charged with sexually charged misdemeanors. In the year 2000, Brown was a young perv and put a “death grip” on an elderly woman’s ankles as he barged into her apartment and attempted to eat her feet.

Detective Dennis Harris says he’s never seen anything like this.  “Kind of bizarre, strange,” he said.

via TheWordEyeHeard

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