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bow wow 106 salary

So how much is Mr. 106 & Park making from the show? Thanks to child support, the whole world knows what’s in Bow Wow’s pockets.

Bow Wow was trying to say he only made $4,000 a month from Cash Money, his Jeep is rented, and he’s not balling like he used to be. Well…he may not have it like he used to, but he’s far from broke.

Bow has a 6-month contract with 106 & Park, and is getting a cool $200,000 for it. After that, BET decides if they want to keep him or not, since they’ll be going back to 2 hosts.

Good, that’s a lot of people on one stage.

Mr. Wow is also getting $3,500 per appearance, and perhaps he’s getting more of those since he’s back on television everyday.

I’m lilD, and that’s the Word Eye Heard. No part of me believes this is all the money Bow Wow has…

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