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[Courtesy of Mediatakeout] learned that Chris Brown and rival Drake are OFFICIALLY cool again . . . and they even recorded a new SONG together, that’s set to be released in a FEW DAYS.

How did two people who recently TRIED TO KILL EACH OTHER get cool again – well according to a TOP industry snitch the peace was brokered by rapper/mogul LIL WAYNE. And Chris took the peace – because he needed a quick CASH INFUSION!!! EXCLUSIVELY learned that Chris Brown’s last tour was a MAJOR FLOP financially. And as a result, Breezy and co owe promoter AL HAYMON millions of dollars from it. In order to pay it back Chris’ people reportedly “BEGGED” Lil Wayne to join his latest tour. The insider explained, “Wayne agreed to put him on tour if [Chris] and Drake squash the beef and make music together.” Chris AGREED, and will now be opening up for Lil Wayne’s new concert.

The concert as well as Chris new album (which we’re told has RIHANNA on the cover of it) are supposedly going to help generate enough money to get Breezy back on his feet,and to pay off his debts.

The insider dished MORE TEA on Chris Brown and some personal HABITS that he has which are disrupting his life . . . but we’ll leave that story for another day.

Oh and ONE LAST BIT of tea. Remember those new Lamborghini’s that you ALWAYS see Chris posting pics on Instagram. Well our snitch tells us, “They were given to him by Swizzbeatz in exchange for his verse and appearance on the video and performance at the AMA’s for “Everyday Birthday” song.”

Sound believable?

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