Last night, the couple decided that they had had enough of the subliminal tweeting and the rumors that were quickly spreading about their marriage.  Boobie hopped on Twitter and posted a few cute pics of the couple while slamming reports that there was any trouble to begin with.

We the cause a all of tha commotion.. Ya mouth runnin but where is ya goin’. I just amazes me how.. In a world already filled with so much tragedy & hardship. Ppl still would Luv 2 see us fail instead of show #luv. Well wont happen here.. @KeyshiaCole is my heart & what we have is from the soul. Can’t nothin Break that. Happy VDay!

Meanwhile, a fan tweeted Boobie his support:

bruh i know @KeyshiaCole can act lil childish at times but it seems its cuz she never had real love…Dont let go my n–ga

And Keyshia Cole responded:

We appreciate that!


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