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Everyone (including Porsha) was shocked to hear the news that former NFL baller Kordell Stewart was filing for divorce from his reality-show wife.

According to the folks at AllAboutTRH, sources close to Kordell reveal exactly why he had to pull the plug on his marriage.

If you let them tell it:

“Before Kordell and Porsha got married, Kordell told Porsha that he wanted a wife who will be a stay at home mother while he works and pays the bills. Porsha was completely down with it and kept pushing the marriage. When RHOA signed Porsha, Kordell only agreed for the couple to be on it to support his wife but he didn’t like the idea and got annoyed with Porsha who all of a sudden wanted a ‘career.’”

Sorry, but Kordell HAD to know that these reality-TV women ALL want “a career” of some kind.

“Porsha tried her best to make it like things were perfect. She constantly took photos of the two but Kordell was not happy. He hated how he was portrayed on the show and hated that his personal life was now out there. The breaking point was that Porsha couldn’t get pregnant. They tried and it wasn’t happening. Kordell would have stayed with Porsha despite her not being able to get pregnant but the show caused so many fights that it wasn’t even worth it and the marriage couldn’t be fixed on his end.”

Damn Kordell, we get the fights and all, but it isn’t like you all had been married THAT long. Short of cheating, what kind of problems couldn’t you fix? If this is true, we gotta say that it’s a real sucka move to divorce your wife of barely two years just because she can’t get pregnant.


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