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You kids and your crazy phrases. Everyone is saying “turn down for what??” But what happens when you turnup is just too high.

Refusing to turn down has its consequences

…and these artists need to learn the lesson QUICK. So….

#WordEyeHeard Presents: #TurnDownForWhat? Top 5 Artists Who Should

5. Erica Mena

From fights on tv, to beefs, to trying to break up DJ Envy’s marriage, Erica has gots to chill.

Let’s start from the beginning. Erica first appeared on the first season of Love and Hip Hop as a model and “artist” who couldn’t sing. She had a fight (shocker), and was quickly cast on season 2.

This season, she had a relationship with Rich Dollaz, and played that up in the media with an engagement, and they got caught humping in the bathroom. 

She ratchet.

But now…she’s playing up an alleged relationship with radio personality DJ Envy. Even if they slept together, move on! She’s doing everything from radio interviews,

to tweets,

to a book. (I haven’t read the book, but I’m sure it’s ratchet LOL)

#TurnDownForWhat? Erica, you need to, because, like Superhead, your child has to go to school and hear about his mommy being a heaux. How you gone look at the PTA meeting…? Oh that’s right, you’re not a parent. #TurnUp!

4. Katt Williams

Do I even have to explain? Katt Williams has been on a constant #TurnUp for quite some time now.

First, he smacked the lil dude at Target,

then came the microphone fade he gave an audience member,

Okay, that was kinda funny.

There’s so much more, from tax liens, to arrests, to revealing Jamie Foxx’s alleged gay lover…?

With a mouth like his, he better know how to fight.


Katt does all that tough talk, but when a fight finally broke out, he hid behind a dumpster!

#TurnDownForWhat? Katt, you need to, because simply stated, you’re not about that life. But as high as you are, you probably aren’t even alive. #TurnUp

3. Chris Brown

Breezy’s turn up gets him in so much trouble.

I’m sure nobody has forgotten about the fight between Chris and Frank Ocean.

And now that their relationship is back in the open, Breezy’s not shy about how he feels about Rihanna. What were his words…? Ah yes:

That’s my p–y.

Chris Brown has fought with everyone from Drake to a valet attendant, and then thinks he can fix it all with one Michael Jackson-sounding song and video.

Yes, “Fine China” is my ish.

#TurnDownForWhat? Chris, you need to, because you look really dumb to the general public. But then again, you’re dating Rihanna. Didn’t she sleep with the enemy #TurnUp

2. Ray J

Floyd Jr. just won’t go away. Ever since Whitney Houston died, Ray has been on a never-ending quest to stay relevant.

Let’s just skip his drug-fueled rant about how he supposedly beat up Fabolous.

We’ll just start with him claiming he wanted to be a preacher?? Yea, that happened. My boy was talking to anyone who  would listen, just for some camera time.

But then something great happened; he got legit camera time! Ray J got a job on the series “The Rickey Smiley Show.”

We knew the turn up inside him wouldn’t allow him to just go to work with no controversy…

Ray J has a new single coming out. The name of it?

“I Hit It First.”

Ray J needs to be famous so badly, he’s still trying to live off of Kim Kardashian’s cooter to do it!

Ray. nobody cares that you had sex with Kim Kardashian. EVERYONE has had sex with Kim Kardashian!

#TurnDownForWhat? Ray J, you need to, because you’re embarrassing your sister Brandy. But wait; isn’t Brandy on BET’s “The Game?” Eh, she’s embarrassing herself. #TurnUp

1. Lil Wayne

Weezy F Baby has always taken turning up too far.  But since he’s been this rich, he just doesn’t know when to quit.

I could start from 10 years ago, but I’ll stick to the last 8 months.

Who could forget that court deposition where Lil Wayne couldn’t remember a thing, then threatened the people in the room?

And let’s not forget the song he did with Paris Hilton…

It gets better.

Lil Wayne must be so high on whatever it is he consumes, and to let you know he’s loaded, he got a tattoo on his face that says “BAKED.”

What a dummy! A dummy who would have a seizure, get better, then have a few more seizures after a syrup binge?


That whole incident is still confusing, but what we (and by “we,” I mean TMZ) can gather, Wayne had a seizure, then went on a syrup binge, then had a couple more seizures and was in the hospital for a few days.

So, what you’re telling me is, Lil Wayne turned up, had a seizure, then turned up again and had more seizures??

#TurnDownForWhat? Lil Wayne, you need to, because there were women in this world stupid enough to procreate with you, and you have kids who need you to fulfill their trust funds.


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