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Drake might want to stay clear of this chick…

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Amanda Bynes is continuing her bizarre public pursuit of the music superstar, just weeks after sending him an obscene message.

Bynes, whose recent behavior has raised many, many eyebrows, tweeted to Drake again Sunday, and even included a photo!

Her message was brief this time, as the star wrote only, “@Drake Eyes For Days.” Her previous messages have been more direct, including one that lives in Twitter infamy, where she asked him to “murder my (censored word for lady parts).”

That phrase has led to much ridicule at Bynes’ expense, as twitter users are now using it as a hashtag to mock her.

And Sunday’s tweet brought out a few supporters, but more people ridiculing Bynes, who, as Radar reported earlier, engaged in a very bitter public fight with a blogger just days ago.

“Jesus Christ Drake. Just (censored) this (censored) already,” wrote one fan.

One person mused, “I wonder how long before Drake either (censored word for has sex with her) or blocks her?”

Another made fun of Bynes, writing, “I love the way you play hard to get.”

Bynes has shown no signs that her odd behavior will be slowing down and as Radar reported exclusively her parents are extremely worried about her. Bynes addressed Radar’s post by tweeting that she no longer speaks to her parents.

“That’s true,” a source told Radar. “She doesn’t talk to them but they are very, very worried about her.” The source made it clear it was Bynes’ decision to stop communicating with her parents.

Meanwhile Drake has not communicated with Bynes on Twitter, making her infatuation appear unrequited – as well as bizarre.

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