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According to the good people at Bossip, here’s 9 reasons why men cheat on good women. Men/Women…do you agree? Now I will say this, women…consider that if your man IS cheating on you…maybe there’s something about you that you need to check because maybe you aren’t so “good” yourself.

1. She’s Too Good – the pressure of living up to a great woman can be too much for a man. Is she caters to him and has her stuff together, the pressure to compete may be too high. So he looks for a damaged woman to make him feel worthy. Don’t get it twisted, though. This is a personal problem and women shouldn’t feel bad for being too good.

2. He’s Bored – For some men, traversing the same guts every night may just get too predictable and boring. So he needs a change of pace. Still not a good excuse.

3. No Drama – Some times a man just wants no strings attached chop downs. Dealing with the woman involves so many emotions that he may just prefer mindless romps. Cool? No, not at all.

4. – He’s Insecure – If he’s so worried about you sleeping around, he may convince himself that you’re cheating on him even if you never appear untrustworthy. So to get over it, he cheats to get even on something you’re not even doing!

5. Peer Pressure – Some guys think cheating is cool or they’re single so they want you to be single so they try to tell you it’s cool. So to fit in, a guy cheats and tells his homies.

6. Temptation – Being faithful is difficult. Women get hit on every day so turning someone down isn’t a bug deal. This is much harder for a man. Sometimes he jut can’t say “no” and falls into temptation.

7. You’re Busy – Hey, you have three kids a job and a house to take care of. So intimate time may lapse for a month. That’s when an impatient man runs out and finds someone to help him release. Give her a break, guys.

8. They Don’t Think They’ll Get Caught – Plain and simple. “She’ll never find out so why not”…she usually finds out.

9. Fear Of Loneliness – Deep down he wants to break it off but he can’t because he’s too scared. So instead of ending it he just steps out on her so he can have his cake and eat it too. Chicken.

Hey, they said it…not me. Do you agree?

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