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diddyDiddy has created his own record label, worked with the biggest names in hip-hop, guest acted and built a net worth of nearly $550 million.

But when Sean “Diddy” Combs spoke with journalists on Friday to talk about his new cable channel for young urban music fans called Revolt, he said,

“This is the hardest thing, the most stressful thing that I have ever done in my life; it literally almost drove me crazy,”

On why he chose to do TV:

“Television is about to be everywhere. It’s about to be on your toilet, on your watch, on the sidewalks, and the train stations,”

“This is the time to get into television.”

On his advice from Oprah:

“She just said it’s a lot of hard work; she was honest,”

“It’s a gift and curse being a celebrity where people think you’re doing something because you’re a celebrity and they can’t understand you have a great business mind, too.”

Combs said.

“With Revolt, artists know … if they get in trouble or misunderstood, they have a place to go and talk that’s going to hear their side of the story and going to root for them. They’re at least going to get a fair trial by the media.”


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