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”Basketball Wives” creator Shaunie O’Neal thinks that Evelyn Lozada‘s domestic incident with Chad Johnson is no laughing matter, and that Tasha Marbury was dead wrong for making a joke out of it.

Shaunie felt that there was nothing funny about Tasha’s comments on last week’s episode, when she asked if she needed to headbutt her contractor to get her weave bar finished on time.

In the past, Shaunie has been no stranger to laughing at a few inappropriate jokes or behavior but felt Tasha’s “joke” crossed the lines.

“Well it definitely wasn’t funny and that’s not the only moment that it happens,” Shaunie “Apparently Suzie actually thought it was funny. Tasha has a very different sense of humor. You’ll find her constantly saying ‘I was just joking’ and it tends to be inappropriate at times or bad timing.”

What really puzzled Shaunie was when Suzie Ketcham laughed at another one of Tasha’s tasteless jokes about how Evelyn should wear a helmet on a date. Since Suzie has been in an abusive relationship in the past, Shaunie thought that she should be the last one to laugh at such a jab. “I don’t know how Suzie should have dealt with it but it’s definitely not for giggles or to laugh at,” said Shaunie. “It’s just not funny under any circumstance.”

More than that, Shaunie didn’t understand why Evelyn’s therapist asked her how she contributed to the confrontation where Chad headbutted her in a car while arguing outside their home.

“I was really shocked that the counselor did it. People really kind of blame her. At the end of the day it definitely doesn’t justify a head butt,” Shaunie reasoned before reasserting her allegiance to Evelyn. “I like Chad, I always have, I never had a problem with Chad but I was never around him like that.  At the same time, Evelyn is my friend, I support her. I want her to be safe.”

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