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free cable

The superintendent of a Manhattan condo building says Time Warner Cable offered him a deal that was too evil to accept — get FREE cable TV service in exchange for, among other things, snooping on tenants to make sure they aren’t stealing cable service.

Like many superintendents around the country, this super had already been getting free cable service from TWC for quite some time. Such breaks on superintendents’ bills are a way to grease the wheels so that service techs have easier access to the buildings when needed and for being the point person when there is a building-wide problem.

But then, he tells the NY Times, he recently received an actual contract from TWC for its Apartment Managers’ Program. When he saw what he was being asked to sign, the super says he just couldn’t agree to the terms. In addition to the traditional requirements that the super help coordinate TWC tech access to the building, there is the clause that allows “the presentation of new products and services” in the building, which would seem to imply that the super is giving permission for TWC to set up shop in the lobby or do door-to-door marketing. That seems like a deal that needs to be made with building management, not the super, and one that would likely tick off residents.

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