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Kanye West sees himself as some sort of savior–for music and fashion. During his highly talked about interview with Radio 1′s Zane Lowe, he attacked the glass ceiling Black musicians and artists face and denounced racism across the cultures, all while ironically using his “White voice” to do so.

As Black people, we all have two voices–the one we put on for mainstream America to make them comfortable and our normal voice that we use around our peers. Mr. West is no exception.

“I look round the room and there is no one here who looks like me,” he said during to Lowe. “And if there is, they are keeping quiet.” His recently released album “Yeezus” is evidence of this. West made is obvious he had no desire to be on the radio, and didn’t make an album docile enough to do so. “I have driven my Truman Show boat into the painting. I have hit a glass ceiling.” he continued, noting that Blacks are limited to only being creative on T-shirts, “but if it’s anything else, your Truman Show boat is hitting the wall,” he said. This all made for a smooth transition into his passion for fashion.

“Why do you think Ni**az in Paris is called Ni**az in Paris,” he told Lowe. “Cos Ni**az were in Paris. I’ve put in the 10,000 hours. No one can say I don’t know how to design a men’s sneaker.”

Ye’ praised the other “ni**a” in “Ni**az in Paris” Jay Z. “More of his hopes and dreams and aspirations have come true … You don’t realise, I am so frustrated. I’ve got so much I want to give. I’ve got ideas on color palettes. I’ve got ideas on silhouettes. And I’ve got a million people telling me I can’t do it. ‘You’re not a real designer.’ Well, I’m not a real rapper.”

As erratic and off the walla s Kanye is, he is a musical genius. He constantly pushes boundaries and isn’t afraid to revolt against a society that holds Black artists by their ankles. He’s surely crazy, but aren’t the greatest artists all a little insane?

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