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Paul Kang / James HowellJames Howell’s story of glory is nothing short of amazing. From movies to television this professional track athlete, turned entrepreneur and motivational speaker is creating change with his mission and motivation.

Paul Kang / James HowellJames Howell born in California grew up as a star athlete at every level from the pee-wee leagues, to high school to college. Throughout his athletic career in football and track James always faced challenges with a smile and a unique energy but before breaking track records at San Angelo State University Howell went through a life altering experience. James found himself in a situation that he couldn’t even run from when in 2009 FBI Agents approached him with guns drawn as he was leaving a friends home. The agents revealed to him that he had been linked to a homicide murder case. Sitting and pacing behind bars James said his whole life flashed before his eyes because he knew he did not commit the crime.

Paul Kang / James HowellHowell was set free and has since been able to live out his dream. Four years after the incident that changed his views in life he is traveling across the country to share what motivated him to accomplish his dreams after trials and tribulations.

This young renaissance man proves that with hope and faith you can get past any obstacle. In the summer of 2013 James joined the CBS show ‘The Couch,’ sharing his experience in the fitness segment, “Fit Minute” James shows people how to get fit in a quick and fun way. When he’s not on TV, touring the country or shooting movies James is training for the 2016 Olympics as the shortest person in his race at 5’4.

Not only does James Howell show motivation and drive but he does it in a way that is authentic, inspiring, and full of faith.