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Gabrielle Union shows why she’s become such a comedy star in a Valentine’s conversation inGlamour‘s February issue.

As the star of BET’s new series Being Mary Jane, Union, 41, is a divorcée now living happily ever after with the Miami Heat’s Dwyane Wade. If she can do it, you, too, can find Mr. Right, she says.

Her comic sensibilities come through in her rules for a happy love life, in a Dos-and-Don’ts exchange with writer Laurie Sandell.

For instance, she says DO show him your feelings. Daily. She says she’s so complimentary to her man that “I am almost a little Chester the Molester-y. I think he’s so delicious. Watching him get out of the shower never gets old. Never. It’s not like he ever wonders what I’m thinking, but usually he’s thinking, ‘She needs a cold shower!’ ”

Union, who plays a hotshot news anchor who’s looking for Mr. Right herself, admits she was a “terrible wife,” too “my way or the highway.” Asked to rate herself, she gives an S for “satisfactory.”

“I’m divorced!” she exclaims. “So I can’t exactly give myself an O for ‘outstanding.’ ”

So DO forget about your type, she says. When she met Wade, he did not look promising: athlete, going through a divorce, nine years younger. “None of that screamed, ‘Let’s have a lasting relationship.’ Then, after I had a heart-crushing breakup with yet another immature jerk, I thought, it can’t be any worse if I date a fetus,” she jokes.

So she gave him a chance. “He had wisdom that comes with facing an insane amount of adversity,” she says. “He’s sweet, funny, honest about his shortcomings. When I put my preconceived notions to the side, I found someone cool.”

Her girlfriends are cool, too, she says. DON’T put up with a tug-of-war between a possessive friend and the boyfriend. “Thankfully, my girls are like, ‘High-five!’ And D likes to be around them too. If there’s weirdness, either something’s wrong with the friends —or the boy. Investigate. And sift accordingly.”

The February Glamour is on newsstands Jan. 14.

Meanwhile, Union shared cute details about Wade’s proposal, which took place at the construction site in Miami where their new house is being built, and featured his two sons and a nephew he is raising.

“I turned to D … and he’s down on one knee,” Union said on LIVE with Kelly and Michael on Wednesday. She was surprised.

“I said, ‘Oh, you’re serious,’ ” Union said as the children held up their own sign reading “Will you marry us?”


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