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Janelle_RacistA video of an Italian woman, Janelle Ambrosia, repeatedly calling Narvell Benning, a Black man, the “N-word” in front of her children went viral on Tuesday with over a million views.

Footage of the altercation was posted to YouTube with the title “Blatant Racism in Cheektowaga NY.” It shows what happened in front of a strip mall when Narvell got in his vehicle and started the engine, according to reports. Janelle yelled at him and accused him of scaring her children.

He responded: “…by starting my car?”

Shortly after, the mother picked up her cell phone to call her husband, who is supposedly racist as well. While on the phone, she not only calls the man the “N-word” multiple times and uses curse words, but tells her husband to “whoop his as$.” All of this is going on, while her two children are watching right beside her.

Narvell, who first posted the video to YouTube, wrote this description, “This happened to me last Friday May 30th 2014. I’m more upset that it was done in front of her children. They will have hate and have no idea where it came from.” Thousands of comments were posted, including one that read: “It is more scary to me that her children are likely to pick up that behavior. Watching her scream at another human being like that made me sick, regardless of the situation, that was sick…”

Cheektowaga Police Chief David Zack found out about the video after it was anonymously forwarded to the department. “I reviewed the video and with 27 years of law enforcement, I have seen people at their worst. I’ve seen people with mental health issues; I’ve seen people under the influence of substances and I’ve also come across people who are out and out racist. That being said, without knowing more about this woman’s background, I feel that it would be irresponsible of me to form a premature judgment on her actions…If substance or mental health issues are not at play here, then her conduct should be considered as nothing less than deplorable. Clearly, there are some people in today’s society who have not yet evolved in their beliefs. As a society we obviously have more work to do,” the Police Chief told The Buffalo News.

On Wednesday, Janelle attempted some damage control, apologizing for the incident. “I’m not racist,” she told WBLK radio. “I have a Black cousin.” According to Janelle, her repeated use or the “N-word” had nothing to do with race, but was her way of describing Narvell as ignorant.

“I am ashamed and embarrassed by my behavior the other day, especially in front of my children,” Janelle told WGRZ-TV. “I have been under my doctor’s care for mental health issues and was in the process of changing my medication… And I am not using that as an excuse but to let people further understand my frame of mind at the time. I am deeply sorry for my offensive behavior and the ignorant statements I made.”

See the video below.


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