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kid stabs classmate cell phone

A 14-year-old Bronx boy has been charged with murder and manslaughter after he allegedly stabbed a fellow classmate and friend outside their school Wednesday afternoon. Noel Estevez stabbed 14-year-old Timothy Crump multiple times as they walked out of Joseph H. Wade Middle School, with Crump dying from his wounds.

According to sources, Crump reportedly robbed Estevez back in May and took the boy’s cell phone. Student witnesses say that Crump bullied Estevez, although the pair were Facebook friends and seen together in photos. Estevez apparently lived under fear from Crump, this by way of  an account from the boy’s neighbor to the New York Daily News. The neighbor said the Crump and other boys would daily harass the boy and insult Estevez’s mother, who was arrested on drug charges last week.

Crump was a former student at the school and was suspended last December indefinitely for assaulting a fellow student during a fight. Crump still managed to appear on school grounds, and confronted Estevez yesterday according to eyewitnesses. Crump began to beat Estevez, when the suspect reached for a 6-inch kitchen knife and stabbed the victim three times in the chest. Estevez was arrested on the scene and charged as an adult.

Estevez had been battling some mental health and personal issues, as he struggled with suicidal thoughts and the lost of a brother. Although sources conflicted on if Crump actually bullied Estevez, a porter in the boy’s apartment building said that a group of boys in the neighborhood continually harassed him.

Schools Chancellor Carmen Fariña briefly addressed the case at P.S. 5 in Inwood earlier today, saying that she was “devastated” by the news of the case. The city’s Department of Education has not issued a statement regarding the matter, instead deferring to the NYPD.

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