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Sherri Shepherd Served Papers At Essence Festival

A Celebration Of Barbara Walters Cocktail Reception Red Carpet

While most people were attending the 2014 Essence Festival to witness the musical magic of Prince, Sherri Shepherd was reading legal documents after being served before walking to the stage.

“It’s been crazy. I got served right before I went on stage,” she told Tom Joyner this morning after so-hosting the “Tom Joyner Morning Show.” “I had the summons and complaint in my jokes. I was getting mixed up. I didn’t know who had served me. I get them mixed up. One’s attorney is on Inside Edition, the other is on Access Hollywood. What’s going on? Lord, you got a big blessing for me.”

“Then I went onstage and killed,” Shepherd says. “That’s what comics do. You gotta perform. They paid me to make people laugh. Plus I spent the money so if I didn’t make them laugh…I had paid my attorney with the money they paid me with so I couldn’t give the money back. You get on that stage, you make them laugh, ‘cause that’s what we do.”

We’re really feeling bad for Sherri. She’s not having a great 2014. After news broke that she was being divorced by her estranged husband Lamar Sally who is demanding child support for her surrogate baby, she announced her departure from “The View.”

Sigh. We wish her well and our prayer books are open.

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