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wiz-khalifa-source-coverWiz Khalifa lands on a special cover of The Source magazine. The Taylor Gang leader is on the second cover of long-running Hip-Hop publications Power 30 issue. The first cover subject is Young Jeezy, who also has a new project, Seen It All, in stores now.

Here is a sample of Wiz on this month’s issue The Source:

On balancing his career and being a father:

The hardest part is being away from my son at any point in time. I want to spend all day with him, all night, I want to wake up with him, feed him, teach him everything, it’s just not humanly possible.

On what it’s like going to a Wiz Khalifa show:

Yea I feel like it’s spiritual for anybody to come to my show or any event in general, I want my experience to be for people to come and just release and have a great time,  more of a great time than they expected to have.  The people that are around the music that you hear, the smell..that everything is real specific. I like to keep those things around and in order and make sure that they’re all right and everyone gets the experience that they’re supposed to have. Not just the music, but the lifestyle and yeah.

On Cam’ron, Eminem’s The Source cover:

My favorite rapper of all time is Cam’ron.  And one of my favorite Source covers is the one with Eminem, where I think he had a chainsaw or something in his hands, but I remember being able to see a tattoo on his arm, that was really, really detailed well.  And that was maybe in ’99 or 2000.

On his musical inspirations:

I remember like Bob Marley, he listened to a lot of Prince, he really listened to everything my dad’s music was like a wide range, all the hits all the classics. He still puts me onto stuff, I mean when I was doing Kush & Orange Juice the reason I did David Ruffin for the cover was because of my dad. I mean I knew The Temptations, everyone knows The Temptations but my dad had really showed me David Ruffin’s solo career, and the stuff he was doing, we sat down and we listened to those records and it was just like a spiritual thing, and I was able to like put that on to the world as well.


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