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Kanye West immediately turned into a villain for many after his disparaging comments aimed at Amber Rose. Of course, he had a BET Honors acceptance speech that was airing days later, so the outrage wasn’t going to last that long.

That acceptance speech didn’t disappoint. After Dame Dash’s humorous presentation (“It’s bittersweet because I helped him get there but I ain’t making money with him no more.”) and some kind words from Kendrick LamarJay Z and Don C, West spoke in a manner that was only slightly mercurial. There were only hints of his trademark brashness — not enough to obfuscate his point.

There were two main takeaways from the speech. First, he related a story of when the late Robert Kardashian saw the words “nigger lover” written on his car for his role as O.J. Simpson’s defense attorney during the 1995 trial. He was irate and Kim Kardashian cried and asked why.

“He said to her, ‘One day you may have a black child,” West said. “‘ And it’s going to be hard. You’re going to see how hard it is.’”

West closed off by talking about the emptiness of the word “free.” People aspire to become rappers rather than owners, while others become mentally enslaved by material items believing they’re free. This isn’t a new theme for West; he’s touched on it throughout his career, from “Heard ‘Em Say” to “New Slaves.”

Side note: West lightly touched on the idea that Kim was dating him for only his money. “They say white girls go out and get a rich black dude. But my wife has dated broke black dudes,” he said. “So it’s not about the money.” Take that how you’d like.


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