No but for real. . . you wonder why he’s all jacked up in his approach! Men don’t always catch the vibe we throw. . .so be mindful of your gestures, ladies!

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1. Play hard to get.

This is based on the theory that men are hunters and women are our prey. That, like a predator, we will chase anything that runs.

I suppose it’s up to you to decide if you want to attract someone who thinks that way, but otherwise, you’ll get much further by not thinking of us in the same light as the cheetah at the local zoo.

2. Invite him out with friends.

Is he just one of your friends, or something more? Inviting him out with your friends says you don’t want one-on-one time, or you think of him as just a friend (cue Biz Markie).

3. Ignore him in a group.

This is basically numbers 1 and 2 combined, and it’s a double whammy. Starving him for attention isn’t going to make him want you more; it’s only going to make him find someone else who will give it to him.

4. Try to make him jealous.

The myth “we want what we can’t have” isn’t true when it comes to people. Unrequited love and affection are super painful to deal with. This is like the female version of “negging.” Be above that.

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