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Via HotNewHipHop –

A glimpse at some of the demands from Jay Z and Kanye West’s hotel concert rider.

We’ve seen artist’s concert riders contain anything and everything, from avariety of different meats to super soakers to a very specific brand of pickles.TMZ got their hands on some of the demands that rapping friends Kanye West and Jay Z make for their respective hotel rooms, giving us a glimpse at the lifestyle of a superstar.

Kanye West apparently requests cylindrical vases only, and a brand of speakers (Genelecs 1031a) that was discontinued 10 years ago. He asks for black towels, Kashi Go Lean cereal, and mint-flavored floss. As for alcohol, Yeezy asks for 13 bottles totaling around $3,200, 3 of those bottles being Paradis Hennessy.

Jay Z, on the other hand, has no cereal demands. Instead he says that there should be no vacuuming near his room, and none of the hotel staff should ask for concert tickets lest they “avoid embarrassment.” Hov also insists the hotel room temperature be set at 71 degrees, and he requires the hotel provide 3 $80 Mayan tuberose-scented candles. In terms of liquor, Hov only wants a bottle of Ace of Spades champagne, which he should not be charged for, since he owns the company (this is apparently included in the contract).

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