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Down 3-1 In NBA Finals, Cleveland Fans Keep Hope Alive

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From a die-hard Cleveland sports fan.

matty willz matt z1079

Dear Cleveland Cavaliers,

We’re not mad. Hell, I personally ain’t even sad fa’real. This has been one helluva run.

Of course we wanted to celebrate another NBA title with you guys. Of course we did. This year it just wasn’t in the cards, and that’s OK.

Don’t hang your heads, though. Don’t think that you let us down, because in fact you’ve done the opposite. That team you just played – the one with the guy that has that “sucka shit all in his DNA” (Kendrick Lamar voice) is really good. Scary good. Would’ve beaten MJ in his prime good.

We’re actually excited! We just went to three straight NBA Finals. When has anything like that ever happened in Cleveland?

We’re going to go back next year, too. We already know that. You guys already know that. So let’s just get equipped this off-season to go get our crowns back.

2017 NBA Finals - Game Five

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Just don’t hang your heads, guys. iPromise you, we’re not mad.

So thank you for all of the good memories you’ve given us. Thank you for showing our children what hard work and dedication can lead to. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of such an epic run.

We know this isn’t “goodbye”. This is just “we’ll see you in a couple of months”.

Hopefully stronger. Faster. Better.

So enjoy your time off. You all have grueling jobs, and to be the best you have to do more work than everyone else. That’s just how it is, but trust me, we appreciate that.

We appreciate being able to turn to you all after we’ve already worked our long day. We appreciate being able to celebrate your successes like they’ve occurred right in our own homes. You have no idea how much you mean to our lives. To our children’s lives.

So thank you. Thank you for everything. Just don’t forget:

While you’re sipping Mai Tai’s on the white sand of whatever beach you’re off to, don’t worry about us. We’ll be fine. We want you to relax. We want you to get ready for next year.

2017 NBA Finals - Game Two

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We have unfinished business to tend to.

And when we get to that point – where we’re engulfed in another tumultuous grind that is the NBA’s regular season – just know that you’ve already provided us with lifelong memories. You’ve already freed us from the guilt and shame of a cursed sports city. We’re passed that, so don’t stunt it. Just focus on the task at hand – getting back to the big dance to rightfully reclaim what is ours.

Thank you guys. For everything.

Signed Respectfully,

Matty Willz (the die-hard Cleveland sports fan)

matty willz matt z1079

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