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Inspire Brands Inc To Acquire Sonic Restaurant Chain For $2.3 Billion

Now you KNOW I’m gonna know who got all the new new on the food and snacks with my greedy self LOL!

Via Popsugar:

I can hardly contain my excitement over this news: deep-fried Oreos A La Mode are making their way to Sonic Drive-In locations. If you’re a fan of the state fair staple, you know there’s nothing quite like the feeling of crunching into this classic dessert and embracing the ooey-gooey Oreo center. Usually, I’d wait until Summer for a sugary-sweet rush like this, but starting Jan. 29, Sonic guests can get their hands on the treat a few months early.

Sonic’s decadent battered Oreo treat is made for dipping and will be served alongside the chain’s signature ice cream. And good news — the A La Mode snacks aren’t just limited to Oreos. You can order warm Cinnabon Cinnasnacks if you’re in the mood for a flaky pastry instead. At $3 each, don’t be surprised if you catch me camped out in the drive-in until the deal ends on March 4. Run, don’t walk, to grab these over-the-top treats! Continue [HERE].

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