Now you KNOW I’m gonna know who got all the new new on the food and snacks with my greedy self LOL! Via Popsugar: I can hardly contain my excitement over this news: deep-fried Oreos A La Mode are making their way to Sonic Drive-In locations. If you’re a fan of the state fair staple, you know there’s […]

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This might be one of the easiest prepped meals you’ll make for dinner! And. . .you don’t even have to deal with the clean up of pots and pans! Catch Ro Digga weekdays inside The Day Party beginning at 3pm! 

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First Rihanna showed face and much cleavage at the ‘Valerian And The City Of A Thousand Planets’ European Premier: And then Beyonce took a break to make an appearance at the FYF Fest After Party: Catch RoDigga inside The Day Party weekdays beginning at 3pm!     


Doritos might have crashed out of the Super Bowl after a decade of fun ads, but Frito-Lay still has a few party tricks up its sleeve for this year’s big game. The chip maker’s Tostitos brand has made a limited-edition “Party Safe” bag that can tell when you’ve been drinking, and will help you get […]


“You can have whatever you like!!!” That’s what Drake told Nicki Minaj when they walked into a corner store. Of course Nicki grabbed a variety…

Black Music Month

Guess who’s back. No, I’m not talking about Jay-Z. And not Kanye, either. I’m talking about America’s favorite snack manufacturer, Hostess! So those of you…


[Courtesy of] Chicago grocery store chain Jewel-Osco announced yesterday that the final shipment of of Hostess baked goods, including Twinkies, will hit stores today. Mike Siemenas, spokesman for Jewel parent Supervalu, told the Chicago Tribune that they got a call from a Hostess plant in Georgia about some remaining inventory and jumped at the opportunity. It’s […]

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A new study shows that if you reach for snacks with your weaker, less dominant hand, you’ll snack up to 30% less. “But I’m ambidextrous!” you say. Then this study isn’t for you! The researchers conducted the study using fresh and week-old (ew) popcorn.  The purpose was to measure how automatic snacking is for some […]

Elev8 Health

Americans have gotten a lot of flack over the years for being supersized, but our high rates of obesity may not be for the reasons we thought after all.Sure we eat too much, but it’s not how much we’re eating in one sitting, it’s what we’re eating throughout the day. According to a new study published […]