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LOL when will people learn NOT to have any kind of troubles with this man?? One debt down. . .how many more to go now 50??

Via TMZ:

50 Cent is an excellent debt collector … he says Hollywood producer Randall Emmett paid back a $1 million loan in full, meeting 50’s self-imposed deadline.

Fiddy says Randall squared up his debts Monday, and the rapper decided he’s going to stop annihilating Emmett on social media … but not before getting one last shot in.

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As we reported … 50 went nuclear on Randall over the weekend, threatening physical violence if Emmett didn’t pay back a million dollar loan, and setting a Monday deadline to get his money back.

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John Legend’s wife [Chrissy Teigen] let it be known early that she wants no parts in a Fiddy beef! Lol

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