LOL when will people learn NOT to have any kind of troubles with this man?? One debt down. . .how many more to go now 50?? Via TMZ: 50 Cent is an excellent debt collector … he says Hollywood producer Randall Emmett paid back a $1 million loan in full, meeting 50’s self-imposed deadline. Fiddy says Randall squared […]

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California Dad Attacks 11-Year-Old for Bullying His Son A California man was arrested by police after attacking an 11-year-old boy who was reportedly bullying his…

With her compilation Saint Heron in stores this week, Solange stopped by Hot 97 to chat with Angie Martinez on Wednesday. Rocking long braids, the 27-year-old singer dished on her new music, motherhood, and the time she had to call Beyoncé to scare off a bully. Now a part-time resident of New Orleans, Beyoncé’s little sister is […]

A Philadelphia mom was arrested inside her daughter’s school after police say she assaulted an 11-year-old student. Attifa Brown says she was upset her daughter was being bullied at school, but denies ever hitting the child. “I don’t beat my own child, let alone somebody else’s,” said Brown. Police say there is a videotape of […]


A judge has decided that one 14-year-old girl in Jacksonville, Florida is not fit for any of the schools in that county. Not because she’s a genius. And not because she has disabilities. But because she’s allegedly the worst bully ever. The eighth grader allegedly lured classmate Aria Jewett off school grounds and then attacked […]


This year over 13 million children will experience some form of bullying making it the most common form of violence among the youth.

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Rochester, N.Y. — Inspired by all the high-profile school bullying cases that have been in the news lately, a 37-year-old former nerd, who back in high school was known as “King of the Geeks,” is suing the school jock for extorting the nerd’s lunch money twenty-one years ago! “Tommy Springer forced me to hand over […]

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At 18, Keke Palmer is a young actress but with big dreams. She’s decided to use her acclaim to help bring awareness to the bullying “epidemic” among youth around the country. She teamed with the YMCA and Saving Our Daughters to help fight the issues of bullying and abuse among young people, especially because she’s experienced abuse […]

Check out this emotional video from the ABC show The View. Most Popular Countdown To Lil Wayne Concert Tickets Weezy…is Nicki’s Booty Real or Fake? *Kanye Shrug* Flavor Flav’s Tiffany “New York” Pollard Releases Photos Of Her Looking “Natural” Diddy Sued For $900 Billion Daily Laugh: Ted Williams Spoof Featuring Mike Epps [VIDEO] Rihanna – […]

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Leslie Kirkland, Robbie’s mother, shares Rbbie’s story and how bullying at school and online ultimately led to his death. Mom’s Story On Jan. 2, 1997, my darling 14 year old son, Robbie Kirkland committed suicide after a 4 year struggle to accept and find peace with his homosexuality. Our family loved, supported, and accepted him […]

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Z1079 stops the music in order to bring awareness of an issue that has hit home and has caught national headlines.


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