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Well parents get into this one! Picture you’re in the stands excited to watch your child play the game they love (in this case football) and you witness the teams coach punch your child in the stomach! What would you do?

This unfortunate exchange happened in Atlanta during a high school football game. In a video clip shared to social media — you can see the coach approach the player and then punch him in the gut! He then continues to go off on the kid. Now according to sources — the coach was taken out of the game and arrested and will be charged with simple battery plus face charges from the district.

But here’s the crazy part — the comment section! Some people after seeing the video are saying that “kids are soft these days” as if implying the player should’ve ate that. Some people said they were treated worse during their team experience while others are furious this happened! Some even saying this wasn’t this coach’s first time assaulting his players, and that they were happy it was finally caught on tape.

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Take a look at the video and let me know your thoughts:

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