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See kids! It is cool to graduate/finish High School and congrats are in order for ya boy Quavo who announced he did just that! Meet your class of 2020 Berkmar High School graduate. . .Quavious Keyate Marshall! Quarantine graduate of course! In his post. . .he posed the question “Now what college should I go […]

Due to the Pandemic. . .schools across the country are getting very creative with things like Prom and more importantly Graduation for their HS seniors! Warrensville Heights HS took the lead for their graduating seniors and put together a 2 part plan they will be rolling out for their class of 2020! Announced today. . […]

Another shooting! This time outside a North Cali high school in Santa Rosa. . .leaving 1 person reportedly shot|wounded and the gunman now in custody. Apparently the shooter [a 17 year old male] shot the victim [a 16 year old male] 2 times in the upper part of his body at about 9am this morning […]

A high school Texan Valedictorian is claiming that she was intentionally cut off by her Principal just for mentioning Trayvon Martin and Tamir Rice at her commencement. The Dallas Independent School District Claims to be looking into it via: TheShadeRoom According to NBC News, Emmett J. Conrad High School senior Rooha Haghar shared a video […]

Well damn. . .showing up to your child’s school how you want to will not fly anymore in Houston! Parents. . .how would you feel if this happened here in the land??? Via CNN: At one high school in Texas, parents can’t just roll out of bed in the morning to drop off their kids […]

Valentine’s Day will not EVER be the same for the families and victims of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting and if that isn’t enough — here are two different instances where kids recently hinted at more tragedy: https://www.instagram.com/p/BfRc-y0Dyr5/?taken-by=balleralert      

Via CNN: What you need to know Happening now: There is an active shooting unfolding at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida The shooter: Local authorities say the shooter is still at large. Mother of student: “We thought it was a hoax” Lissette Rozenblat, whose daughter attends Stoneman Douglas High School, said her daughter texted her […]

Here’s an update on the school shooting that took place today in Kentucky via NBC News: Two students were killed and more than a dozen people were wounded Tuesday when a 15 year old armed with a handgun opened fire inside a Kentucky high school, the authorities said. Terrified students ditched their backpacks and scrambled […]

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Saw this being discussed on the Wendy Williams Show and IDK. . .I feel some kind of way that this teacher lost her job [in my opinion]. Read the details below and let us know what you think! Via ABC.NEWS.GO: A high school teacher lost her job after a teenager went through her cellphone between […]

It's unclear who the students in the dated video are, or if their behavior was addressed by the school. But what this video does show is that teachers do indeed get bullied.

Via TMZ: A full scale dance brawl broke out at a high school football game in Dallas last week — when a drill team member broke the golden rule of dance battle … SHE MESSED UP A GIRL’S HAIR!!!! The two dance teams — Wilmer-Hutchins High and James Madison High — were doing a full […]