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50 Cent Performs At Ball Arena

Your boy 50 might wanna calm his self down cause he’s currently facing battery charges after he threw a fit (and then some) during his show last night!

Footage from his Final Lap Tour show last night in LA shows 50 having some difficulty with his mic (at least that’s what it looks like to me). Then you see someone come on stage and give him another mic and I guess that one was giving him problems as well because he proceeded to throw the mic into the crowd! First of all — it wasn’t a little toss ok! He THREW this thing INTO the crowd and of course it hits someone! A female fan who was simply there to be entertained now has this gash in her forehead and for what?

The young lady shared photos from her injury (from the hospital) and you already know she filed a police report — in fact she said that 50 looked her dead in her face before throwing the mic! I would hope this man didn’t intentionally assault a woman!

Well the news from his fit of course upset a lot of people including The Game who reposted the young lady’s injury photo saying:

“Curtis, yo fat ass came to LA hittin women” (with the thinking emoji)

The photos alone will make you mad this even happened; but he’s about to give shorty more than a scar! She’s about to get paid!

His camp did make a statement saying he would never intentionally hit anyone…Source.

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