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Your boy 50 might wanna calm his self down cause he’s currently facing battery charges after he threw a fit (and then some) during his show last night! Footage from his Final Lap Tour show last night in LA shows 50 having some difficulty with his mic (at least that’s what it looks like to […]


Nicki Minaj will be back in Cleveland July 26th, and when she leaves, she’ll be taking a piece of Cleveland with her. Local designer Katie Marks had the honor of spending 20 hours to design Minaj’s pink Swarovski crystal encrusted microphone. She will not only use it in Cleveland, but has used it before, at […]

It’s clear with his “Best Rapper Alive” proclamations that Lil Wayne wants to be remembered among the greats. And with an extensive and well-regarded catalog, he may already be there. Still, “I knew because this is my ‘Unplugged,’ I said, ‘I want to do some kind of tribute to one of those great artists,’ ” […]