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Los Angeles Lakers v Indiana Pacers

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LeBron James attracts loads of attention after being one of the leading figures of the modern NBA for the past two decades, naturally gathering some haters along the way.  While playing at Indiana, James got a pair of fans booted for saying tasteless things from their courtside seats, and the cowards of Butt-Hurt & MAGA Twitter are focusing on the wrong things but getting #LeSnitch trending.

Ever since James called out Crier-On-Demand Kyle Rittenhouse for his orchestrated tears, MAGA nutballs and Second Amendment champions have tried to find anything on the Los Angeles Lakers superstar to pick apart.  Earlier this week, that segment of social media tried to use the fracas that took place between the Lakers and the Pistons in Detroit to further dissect James’ character, and now they’ve moved on to another lame attempt.

While taking on the Indiana Pacers on Wednesday (Nov. 24), a video shows James walking a referee over to point out a white couple who allegedly said some vile things about James’ son Bronny, and one eyewitness confirmed the couple’s verbal attacks. Joined by Russell Westbrook who also pointed out the couple, the security team escorted the couple out while the woman made some mocking tears and poked her lip out.

As Marc Lamont Hill noted:

Two people sitting courtside, allegedly taunted LeBron by saying they hope his son died in a car accident. He got them removed. And #LeSnitch is trending? Y’all wil’in…

The couple allegedly said things along the lines of hoping that James’ son, Bronny James, dies in a car crash and other related nonsense from the most expensive seats in the building. It was also shared online that they weren’t the only losers spewing negativity but they were among the loudest.

But LeBron, being the future Hall of Famer that he is, dropped 39 points, 6 assists, and five rebounds on the Pacers in a Lakers overtime win.

We’ll avoid all of the reactions from the wet tissue segment of Twitter and instead focus on the slander.

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