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Senators Scott And Cotton Join Republican Senatorial Candidate Herschel Walker On The Campaign Trail In Georgia

Source: Elijah Nouvelage / Getty

Herschel Walker is hanging on by a thread in his race against Raphael Warnock for a seat in Georgia’s senate.

A new polling survey released by Emerson College on Tuesday, revealed that Warnock had a slight lead against Walker with the Democrat pulling ahead with 48 percent support to the controversial Republican’s  46 percent. Earlier this month, SurveryPoll released similar data that showed Walker trailing behind the Georgia Senator again, 38 to 50 percent “among more than 1,000 likely voters,” Forbes reported. Warnock currently holds a larger lead with women voters in Georgia. While male voters appear to be “split at 44 percent” between the two candidates, according to the data.

“Some 51% of respondents had an “unfavorable” opinion of Walker, compared to 28% that found him “favorable,” while 40% said Warnock was unfavorable, and 43% said he was favorable,” the report noted.

This recent poll data has to be a tough pill to swallow for Walker, who has had several high-profile scandals rock his campaign trail over the last month. On Oct. 3, The Daily Beast published a scathing article with an unidentified woman who claimed she was the mother of one of the former NFL star’s children.  The unnamed woman alleged that Walker had done “nothing” to support their 10-year-old child’s life. “He does exactly what the courts say, and that’s it. He has to be held responsible, just like the rest of us. And if you’re going to run for office, you need to own your life,” she told the publication.
She also alleged that while they were dating, the athlete-turned-politician paid for her abortion in 2009, because it wasn’t a “convenient time” for him to have a child.
After the story made headlines, Herschel Walker denied the allegations while speaking to Fox News. When asked whether he knew who this “alleged former lover” in the article was, Walker said: “I have no idea at all.” He  played down the $700 check that the unidentified woman gave to the Daily Beast as proof of the procedure, telling the outlet: “I give money to people all the time because I’m always helping people. I believe in being generous. God has blessed me. I want to bless others.”
The news came as a shock to many people, given the 60-year-old Republican’s tough stance on abortion. Back in July, Herschel Walker openly supported a national abortion ban with no exceptions for cases involving rape, incest, or for the life of the mother. This came a month after the Supreme Court overturned Roe V. Wade. Walker previously stated that he would support a total abortion ban, saying “there’s no exception in my mind … Like I say, I believe in life. I believe in life.”

With the midterm just weeks away, so much is coming out about the politician’s past that appears to be contributing to his slump in the polls. But who is he and how did he get this far in the Senate race? Let’s take a look back at the Republican candidate’s meteoric rise from the NFL to the heated world of politics.

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1. Walker played football in high school

Walker played football in high school Source:Getty

Herschel Walker grew up in Wrightsville, Georgia. The former Johnson County High School student played football, basketball, and competed in track as a young teen. From 1976 to 1979, Walker played for the Johnson County Trojans high school football team. In his senior year, he rushed for 3,167 yards, helping the Trojans win their first state championship.

2. He also competed on the school track & field team

He also competed on the school track & field team Source:Getty

Walker also competed on the Trojans track and field team in events ranging from the 100-yard dash to the shot put. He won the shot put and 220-yard dash events at the GHSA Class A State T&F Championships. He also anchored the 4×400 team to victory, with a time of 3:24.01 minutes.

3. Walker makes historic strides at the University of Georgia

Walker makes historic strides at the University of Georgia Source:Getty

Walker continued making historic strides with his athletic career as a freshman at the University of Georgia. According to his website, Walker helped the Bulldogs win the 1980 national championship. He earned consensus All-American honors three consecutive years in both football and track & field, set 10 NCAA and 15 SEC records, and capped a sensational college career by winning the 1982 Heisman Trophy. In 1999, he was voted into the College Football Hall of Fame.

4. Cowboys Herschel Walker

Cowboys Herschel Walker Source:Getty

Walker ended his final year at University of Georgia to play in the NFL. During his 15-year pro-football career in the league, Walker played for the New Jersey Generals, Dallas Cowboys, Minnesota Vikings, Philadelphia Eagles, and New York Giants. Over his career, he racked up 2,411 years yards, more than any player in history. He also won a number of All-Pro and Pro-Bowl honors.

5. Herschel Walker Meets Donald Trump

Herschel Walker Meets Donald Trump Source:Getty

In the late 80s, Donald Trump signed Herschel Walker to play the running back slot for the USFL’s New Jersey Generals after he purchased the team. Walker played for The Generals from 1983 to 1985.

The USFL was originally founded in 1982. The league ran football games during the NFL offseason. Unfortunately, the USFL only existed for three seasons before it was later dismantled in 1986.

6. Trump appoints Walker to Chair of Council on Sports

Trump appoints Walker to Chair of Council on Sports Source:Getty

Over the years, Walker and Trump  kept a close relationship. Herschel competed on a season of The Apprentice, the former president’s “Shark Tank” style reality TV show.

In 2018, Trump appointed Walker to chair of the President’s Council on Sports, Fitness and Nutrition. To encourage a healthy lifestyle for all Americans, Herschel allegedly visited Capitol Hill multiple times to meet with members of Congress and discuss the importance of fitness and nutrition, although members from the left claimed he exaggerated the work he did with the department.

7. Walker announces Senate Bid, but lands in hot water with Democrats

Walker announces Senate Bid, but lands in hot water with Democrats Source:Getty

In 2021, Walker announced that he would be running against Georgia’s first Black senator, Raphael Warnock for a seat at the Senate. But the Biden Administration didn’t take the news lightly, in fact, according to Georgia Democrat, political experts say Walker’s decision to run for Senate, is what cost him his position with the council after serving for the department for over a little of three years. 

The Biden administration claimed that Walker violated  “policies” and the Hatch Act, a 1939 ethics law that prohibits “special government employees” from doing their public duties while also seeking partisan political office.”

8. Walker’s murky past begins to surface

Walker's murky past begins to surface Source:Getty

Prior to announcing his Senate Bid, the Associated Press found documents detailing accusations that Walker repeatedly threatened his ex-wife’s life in the past and exaggerated claims of financial success with some of his business endeavors.

9. Herschel Walker was diagnosed with DID

Herschel Walker was diagnosed with DID Source:Getty

In his 2008 book, Walker revealed that he was diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) as a result of trauma he experienced in childhood. On his campaign website, Herschel claims he has “dedicated his life to helping others struggling with mental health.” 

10. Herschel Walker further denies abortion claims in an exclusive interview

Herschel Walker further denies abortion claims in an exclusive interview Source:Getty

On October 11, Herschel Walker sat down for an exclusive interview with ABC News, where he admitted to knowing the identify of the woman who alleged he paid for her abortion. Walker claimed he hadn’t spoken to the women, who he confirmed was an ex, for almost a decade.

Still, the Republican hopeful vehemently denied the allegation. “I know nothing about an abortion,” Walker told ABC News anchor Linsey Davis on Tuesday. “I knew it was a lie and I said it was a lie — and I just move on … it’s sad that people say October surprise, but you’re destroying families,” he said before adding:

“This race is too important for me to give up or for me to stop,” he continued. “So, October surprise is not going to faze me.”