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There’s a short list of DJ’s that are versatile enough to rock 20,000 seat arenas, club events and high-profile parties across the country.  Z1079’s DJ Steph Floss does this in his sleep.  A native of Cleveland, DJ Steph Floss AKA “the Prince of the City”, already had a strong following on the club scene before joining the Z1079 team in 2010 where he currently serves as the DJ for the 9pm Mix and host of the Saturday Night Pre-Game show.

DJ Steph Floss has been able to extend his brand beyond Ohio through his affiliations with the Cleveland Cavaliers and his strong personal relationships with a host of celebrities.   Floss travels several times a month to DJ club events around the country, earning respect in the club and among his peers.  He’s won BEST CLUB DJ and BEST MIX SHOW DJ in 2011 and 2012 at the Ohio Hip Hop Awards.  DJ Steph Floss is the #1 DJ in the city – continuing to shape the way we experience entertainment in Cleveland.

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