Source 1. Always overlooked – One complaint I got was that nice guys seemed to be always overlooked. This idea must stem from a preconceived notion that nice guys aren’t daring. The thought process could also be that nice guys are too strait-laced. 2. Deemed as bad in bed – I can personally attest to this. There was a […]

Via Kid Power 1. What is bullying? The most common definition of bullying is, “a repeated oppression, psychological or physical, of a less powerful person by a more powerful person or group of persons.” Bullying is different from aggression between people of equal power. However, someone can have less power than others for many reasons […]

[Courtesy of] The Game has some friendly words of advice from one pot smoker to another — telling Justin Bieber … it’s time he got smart about smoking pot … and acquired a medical marijuana card. Game — a self-proclaimed weed enthusiast — was getting his hike on in L.A. today when we asked about […]

[Courtesy of] Most people never get a title, they’ll always be the girl who a man will sleep with or date casually but he will never give her a title. She’ll sometimes look at herself in the mirror and wonder what it is about her that makes men unlikely to commit. That is, until […]

A man and woman are sitting to dinner on their first date. He’s chosen a gorgeous restaurant and has an amazing smile. She looks absolutely fly in her new little black dress and he’s told her so once or twice already. SCORE! Flirtatious small talk has ranged from his athleticism to her impossibly deep dimples. […]

With retirement from album-making impending, Wayne revealedwhat he would rather do with his time away from a recording studio. “My day job would probably be a sports analyst and I would skate all night instead of being in the studio all night,” Wayne told Sway Calloway during his “MTV First” premiere of “No Worries,” adding that he just “wants to […]

Eating Ramen or Eating Out Before I went to school I remember declaring that I was not going to be anybody’s broke college student. But lawd knows I was wrong. Between studying, my extracurricular activities, and maintain a social life, there was hardly any time for a job that would pay enough for me to […]

Acknowledge his feelings Although the emphasis should be on your feelings—“I am feeling this way” vs. “You did this”—so as to not put blame, you should also acknowledge his feelings at some point. If you go into a rant about yourself, he’ll feel that you never paused to consider where he is coming from. So […]

Nothing’s wrong You say nothing is wrong, but at the same time you suddenly “don’t feel like being touched,” “don’t feel like talking,” and have a million things to attend to on your phone. Either that or staring out the car window at the repetitive scenery is the most invigorating thing to you at the […]

“And another thing, you’re baby mama, that b*tch is hating!” 1. Excessively Drunk Women – When I was a boy I thought a group of drunk women was the move. When I go to the club now and see a chick throwing up in the bathroom, I get repulsed. Who’s mans is this?! 2. All […]

Plenty of fish in the sea If a woman rejects a man, the man sees it as part of the game and moves on to hit on more women. It’s all a numbers game to men and they know they’ll have to take some ego hits before finding someone. Women can feel so defeated after […]

… because rules are made to be broken. As women, we’ve been programmed to think if we sleep with a guy on the first date, the relationship will never become serious. But we all know couples who went home together the first night and ended up married. So what gives? 1. You’ve been friends for a […]