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In today’s show we talked about bagging that 2nd date!

People called in talking about:

  • Make sure you make her laugh. . .a lot!
  • Ladies. . .making sure you don’t give it up on the first night and not buying the most expensive meal on the menu during dinner!
  • One guy even said he pipes her! Meaning. . .he whips his thang out and checks her response! Lol

Getting the 2nd date male or female isn’t always guaranteed but here’s some practical ways you can!

Via [YourTango]:

1. Don’t sleep with him.

A no-brainer here, but this one’s tricky because we like to kid ourselves into thinking the human race has evolved to the point where first date sex won’t tarnish a relationship’s longevity. WRONG!  “But, I’m modern” you’ll slur to yourself after downing your sixth beer and second shooter.

No. You aren’t modern — just drunk. Or bored. Or depraved. And about to make a big mistake. Kiss if you must, but leave the clothes on. Now, if you’re just looking for a one-night stand, fine, cut your losses. But if you’d like to see him again, it’s best to withhold.

2. Offer to pay for something.

If he asked you out, sure, let him flash the plastic and pay for dinner. And, please, order what you want and don’t be shy about dessert or wine. But if the date extends past dinner it’s time to flex some of your own dollar bills.

Offer to buy a nightcap. Or say you know a great coffee/tea place and pick up the check. Sure, it may not equal out that first time, but don’t think this thought-that-counts gesture goes unnoticed.

3. Don’t trash talk other women. 

OK, maybe the waitress is a bit curt. Or cute. Or a mixture of both, and this wakens the instinctual catty monster aching to veer it’s hissy, female head. Stop. Ignore. Think about the weather. Talk about how you wish this winter would end already.

Leave your friend’s bitchy text, and the C U Next Tuesday co-worker stories for your girlfriends. The ladies in your life will listen with wide-eyed amusement, your first date will listen with wide-eyed amusement and internally roll his eyes.

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