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DMX is honest to a fault sometimes! So, when TMZ caught up with him to ask if he had ever eaten any of his dog’s food…

Hollywood celebs are at it again–claiming the (fill in the blank) is the diet that helps keep them right and tight. Well today’s diet exploration…


The year of the zombie is far from over. After a brief hiatus from the news circuit, another story of cannibalism has emerged. 26-year-old Charles Baker of Palmetto, Fl. faces criminal charges, stemming  from a drug-induced flesh-eating incident, Wednesday (June 20) night. His story runs eerily similar to that of another Florida resident who was killed […]

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#5. If You Jack Up the Turkey, People Will Die #4. Stock Up on the Three B’s: Beer, Butter and Toilet Paper #3. You Don’t Have Enough Dishes, and You Sure as Heck Don’t Have Enough Chairs #2. If You Mix the Wrong People, Somebody Will Freaking Die #1. The Children Will Destroy Everything You […]

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If Thanksgiving is a time for family food, it’s also a time for a recurring argument: Should the cranberry sauce come from the can or a sacred family recipe? It’s impossible to tell how many people have the battle lines drawn over this Thanksgiving condiment but Ocean Spray, the nation’s largest producer of cranberry sauce, […]