The basketball star couldn’t hold back the tears.   It was an emotional night for the Cleveland Cavaliers Sunday after their historic win in Game 7 of the championship series. But what stands out as one of the most touching moments of the night was J.R. Smith‘s beautiful tribute to his parents and his family. […]

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I believe work is special. It’s a place we should feel safe, happy, and encouraged. Sadly, I often see the opposite. As fear creeps into the employee mentality, many choose passive over voice, settle over growth, and silence over affirmation. It’s time to speak up. Your managers are big boys and girls. They can handle […]

Before you call me a maneater, I should point out that this wasn’t just any man; this was a three-year, on-again, off-again, ex man who got his feelings hurt by foolishly thinking that he could keep making me an option and I would continue to keep him as my priority. I totally know why he […]

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You may think you’ve just “figured things out.” That the world of love is a rough place and you’ve developed your armor. You may think you’re “smart” or “strong” for expecting certain bad behaviors from men. Sometimes, you could be right. But sometimes, you may just have been jaded by your experiences, and need to […]

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You’re Not Fat You’re a Great Cook I Didn’t Get Your Text  I Have to Work Late I’ll Call You It’s Not You, It’s me I Don’t Watch Adult Videos I Wasn’t Looking at Her… I Love You (Too)  You’re the Best Sex I’ve Ever Had Get the full details here: SOURCE

Free thinks she has a beautiful future ahead of her, not just behind her. The radio/TV host and recording artist has some mixed emotions about her butt becoming a trending topic on Twitter after the BET Awards after party broadcast. She told her co-host Big Tigger that she felt, “embarrassed, admired,  objectified, celebrated and flattered…” […]

Toccara summed up most of Twitter’s feelings in one sentence from the BET Awards After Party, “Free, you and that dress and that booty are ‘platow!” While hosting the late night recap with her friend Big Tigger, Free gave the camera people an angle on her womanly gifts that no one is soon to forget. […]

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Life as a curiosity factor became more apparent to the Heat on Tuesday as the NBA released the full regular-season schedule. A travel-heavy early run puts them on full display and adds to the challenge of a team expected to produce crushing results despite no proof of cohesion.