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I believe work is special. It’s a place we should feel safe, happy, and encouraged. Sadly, I often see the opposite. As fear creeps into the employee mentality, many choose passive over voice, settle over growth, and silence over affirmation. It’s time to speak up. Your managers are big boys and girls. They can handle the truth – just be sure to deliver it with love.

3 Things Nobody Tells Their Boss, But Should…

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  1. Stop – This can be tricky and should be done in private. But opening with a statement like, “can I be honest with you?” will really help.  When a boss is working people too hard, saying inappropriate comments, and taking matters too far, someone must say “stop”. While we live in an imperfect world with broken people and failing systems we cannot always rely on our bosses boss to speak first. We must remember, courage can come from anywhere. From the CEO, a manager, and from you. You are not a piece of a machine. You’re a human. Your input is valuable and you should stand for what is right – regardless of where you sit on the corporate ladder.
  2. I Believe in You – On the flip-side, there is a common belief that affirming your superiors is a blunder of professional boundaries. On the contrary, it’s quite encouraging. Every leader desires confirmation of their leadership. This notion of goodwill often times grows the relationship between the staff member and the manager even further. It’s a win-win :)
  3. I’m not Happy Here – We spend 1/3 of our lives working. If you’re unhappy here, you’re just plain miserable. But don’t quit just yet. Ask to speak to your boss in private. Be prepared to share with sincerity why you’re unhappy. Is it the commute? Is it the pay? Is it a fellow colleague? Maybe it’s your boss himself. Whatever it is, be brave enough to speak up. It’s your happiness we’re talking about. Sure, this conversation may end up with you on the job market, but more often then not, you will end up with a fixed situation. A refreshed workplace and the ability to wake up at 7:00am with excitement, rather than dread.

Have you told your boss something risky? Let me know about it in the comments below.

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