Via Huffington Post: 1. Stop trying to be perfect. As women, we have this idea in our head that we need to be superhuman. We strive to be the best mother, most loyal friend, perfect girlfriend/wife, A+ student, and the greatest employee. On top of that, we also need to have a picture perfect body, […]

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I believe work is special. It’s a place we should feel safe, happy, and encouraged. Sadly, I often see the opposite. As fear creeps into the employee mentality, many choose passive over voice, settle over growth, and silence over affirmation. It’s time to speak up. Your managers are big boys and girls. They can handle […]

  1. Workout right before—or at least that day. Exercising will make your muscles look tighter and leaner for at least a few hours afterwords. 2. Use a bronzer for contouring. The word “contouring” can be a little intimidating, but all it really means is you take a powder (like Maybelline Mineral Bronzer) and dust […]

Think like a Bushidō Samurai and avoid unnecessary confrontation. Doing so will decrease your emotional stress and simultaneously increase your productivity. Read more inside!

Here are 5 very important factors to maintaining a healthy lifestyle!

Life throws all kinds of obstacles in our way – sometimes we have periods of time when all is well and – at other times it can seem as if every bad omen has come our way as we lurch from one emotionally draining crisis to another. Have you noticed how some people manage to […]

Welcome to 10 things men find unattractive. Let the record reflect that just because men find said issues unattractive that does not mean we will not attempt to sleep with you. The two are not mutually exclusive; this is a very real disclaimer. #thethirst The Thirst can be described as women who are overly eager […]

BasketBall Wives” star Meeka Claxton and her former NBA baller husband Speedy Claxton made an appearance on “America’s Nightly Scoreboard” on the Fox Business Channel last week. During the “Living Large” segment of the show, the couple talked about how they manage to live a luxurious lifestyle, their 4.9 million dollar mansion, maintaining a savings […]