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Via Huffington Post:

1. Stop trying to be perfect.

As women, we have this idea in our head that we need to be superhuman. We strive to be the best mother, most loyal friend, perfect girlfriend/wife, A+ student, and the greatest employee.

On top of that, we also need to have a picture perfect body, fit into those jean shorts we wore in college, cook a healthy meal every night, never eat sweets after 7 p.m. and eat perfectly 24/7. We put an insane amount of pressure on ourselves to “get it all right.”

The thing is… no one is meant to be perfect in any area of life — whether it’s eating, relationships, personal growth, healthy habits, your career, etc. In a “perfect” world, everything is stagnant. There is no growth and no evolution. It is only through mistakes, trail and error, and experimentation that we learn and grow. [Read on – HERE]

2. Stop being so critical.

This is a big one. We tend to be so so so hard on ourselves and never cut ourselves any slack. This critical nature permeates how we view everything: how we perform in our jobs, how we relate to people, and how we see our bodies. Especially how we see our bodies.

We don’t give ourselves credit for a job well done [we could have done better], don’t celebrate our small milestones [we should have achieved more], and agonize over every flaw in the mirror [we must lose 10 pounds by summer]. [Read on – HERE]

3. Stop comparing yourself to others.

In this day and age of social media, the whole “comparing thing” has gotten out of control. We are inundated daily with reminders, photos, and status updates on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram where we see only the glossy, happy parts of life.

We see friends’ baby pics, gorgeous new houses, and “perfect” lives and we feel like we need to be farther along than where we are. Just take a glance at your social media account, and you see images of your coworker’s “best vacation ever,” your friend’s “perfect” bikini body snapshot, and a group of close pals all out, smiling, having the most amazing night. And then you compare your life to theirs.

But it’s just a split second of their lives that you see. Social media only gives us a glimpse, a snapshot in time. It’s deceiving and we never truly know the whole story. [Read on – HERE]


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