A security guard in Toledo, Ohio, is facing a criminal charge after pulling a gun on a sheriff’s deputy when the officer wore his service weapon into an IRS office while on duty. Is the US so racist that not even a gun and badge will protect your life from being threatened for existing while black? […]


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Though Chris was arrested for the incident, it seems there's no evidence to prove any of it ever happened.

Breezy was tested for drugs after his arrest, and authorities may have found something.

After T.I and Tiny‘s daughter, Zonnique Pullins, was arrested last week for carrying a semi-automatic handgun through a TSA checkpoint, many wondered how her famous parents felt about the situation. According to reports, Tip and Tiny fully support their daughter having a firearm. Sources revealed that Tiny actually went with Zonnique to buy the .38 caliber pistol after the […]


SAN BERNARDINO, CA (RNN) –  After a high-speed chase and a long gunfight, one mass-shooting suspect is dead and another is injured and police are…

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  Rapper Bobby Shmurda doesn’t just rap about guns, he’s got ‘em in real life … and got busted for one in NYC recently. According to court documents, Shmurda was arrested in the Brownsville area of Brooklyn on June 3. The doc says cops spotted Shmurda showing off the weapon in an apartment and when […]

*Soulja Boy was arrested in Los Angeles early this morning after police say he was carrying a loaded gun, reports TMZ. According to law enforcement…

According to MemphisRap.com, 72-year-old Margie Rhea Ramey is accused of shooting multiple times at a family attempting to back up in her driveway in Hawkins County, Tenn. The incident happened Sunday when Oscar Scott, his wife and five kids age 4-12 were on their way home to Virginia after vacationing. Upon their return they got lost. The road […]

Atlanta rapper 2 Chainz might want to rethink who he has in his crew. Apparently, 2 Chainz was robbed at gunpoint and the members of…


Andrew Joseph Lobban was upset over a video that showed him misfiring his gun at a shooting range. They made fun of him for misfiring his gun — so a Florida bouncer shot and killed three of his colleagues, police say. The senseless shooting Sunday stemmed from a filmed incident, a prank that caused the […]

Dramatic surveillance footage shows the moment a man opened fire with an AK-47 inside a busy Philadelphia strip club. He burst into the Purple Orchard Gentleman’s Club, in Elmwood, and sprayed the bar with bullets. Reports suggest he was thrown out of the club after arguing with a DJ who refused to play his favorite […]