http://www.newsnet5.com/dpp/news/local_news/cleveland_metro/rock-hall-inductees-to-be-announced-tuesday CLEVELAND – The musicians for the 2013 induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame will be announced Tuesday afternoon. Fifteen artists have…

Sean Kingston says doctors had to perform open heart surgery on him after his Memorial Day weekend jet ski crash — calling the experience a “life or death situation.” Kingston just sat down for an MTV First special and told Sway Calloway … when he was being released from the hospital, docs discovered a heart condition that required immediate surgery. Kingston explains, […]

Keyshia Cole’s husband Bobbie and their son Daniel Jr. joined Keyshia on stage for a tribute performance of The Isley Brother’s “Voyage To Atlantis” at a Detroit concert in Chene Park this weekend.

We’re hearing more stories about people of all ages being diagnosed with an array of conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure and even having heart attacks and strokes.  In the past, we’ve associated these conditions and diseases with older people however times have changed.

The Heart Association came to The Radio-One annual Health Fair to share with us the number one killer of women in America and what women can do to prevent it.

Heart of The City Mixtape artists perform at Summer Jam Heart of the City Summer Jam Mixtape. Featuring Cleveland Artists: Chip tha Ripper, Da Kennel, Niccotine, CJ Platinum, Al Fatz, Ray Cash, Blok Gang, Young Shank, Tae 4rm Da 50, Bravo, All Star Click, Money, Kick Flip B, 6S, Ray Grizzel, Peso, Young Ray, Machine […]

Doctor's have given chocolate lovers a reason to celebrate with their findings in a recent heart-health study.

Living a <strong>fast-paced life</strong> can cost your heart in the future, but what are some steps that you can take to improve your <strong>heart health</strong> right now?