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Fresh from a beautiful trip to Toronto, I think I delivered an even more beautiful mixshow. I almost overslept and missed it, but I didn’t. I had to get to the radio station for you all. Lol. I can’t lie, I went in on the Rick Ross – “BMF” track. that song is CRAZY!!!! Check […]

Today is “Tae for Tuesday” and of course I have some new music from Cleveland’s own Tae Frm Da 50. Tae has a crazy work ethic and great material so it’s only right to get this music out to the masses. This week Tae did his rendition of Waka Flocka’s “Hard in the paint” and […]

As always I’m here to help you get over “Hump Day” with a great mixshow. Well, I think it’s great, but you be the judge. I started my mixshow off last night with a little reggae. The track is entitled “Hold Yuh” by Gyptian and it features Nicki Minaj. Take a listen. Check out my […]

Drake’s “Thank me later” album dropped yesterday, so of course I had to show our Canadian friend some airwave love. I also played a cazy remix of one of my favorite songs out right now…“Pretty Boy Swag”, you have to hear Gucci Mane on this track. In case you haven’t heard it already or want […]

jam (origin unknown) – 1. to drive or wedge forcibly into a tight position. 2. to fill often to excess. 3. to make unintelligible by sending out interfering messages or signals. 4. to force one’s way into a restricted space. 5. to take part in a musical jam session.

Apparently all the trash talking and distribution of rapper’s phone numbers finally caught up with the hip hop groupie!Find out who slapped the s*** out of her inside!

After making a name for himself as Young Jeezy, the rapper born Jay Jenkins is dropping the name, or at least half of it.

Gucci Mane isn’t gonna let a little thing like being in jail for a year for violating probation keep him from putting out new mixtapes.