life is good

Nas’ new album Life is Good is shaping up to be very personal, with his single/video “Daughters” about his own first-born, and even the album cover, where he’s dressed in a suit and holding Kelis’ green wedding dress, the only thing she left behind when she moved out. So how does Kelis feel about Nas opening up so much about their short-lived marriage?

On the heels of his much-talked about 2012 Summer Jam performance, Nas has revealed the cover art for his upcoming Life Is Good disc (July 17).  And yes, that’s Kelis’ infamous green wedding dress (or a replica of it) he’s holding. Watch the album’s trailer here:   @FunkMasterFlex Goes In On @NickiMinaj For Canceling On […]

Nas is better at marketing than most rap fans would give him credit for. From claiming that Hip-Hop is dead to dropping N-Bombs for album…


Nas’ video for the song “Daughters” is finally out! As soon as you think messages from music are long forgotten, Nas comes out with a song for all fathers with daughters.

Nas has announced that his LP is done. Look and see what the name will be.